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Here is your chance to find out things about your favorite radio station.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about 101.9 Lite FM?  Just ask.  You can ask us anything.

What would you like to know?  It could be anything.  Here are some examples.  What’s that song?  What do Greg and Diane do after 9am?  What’s Fran’s favorite food?  Why don’t you all play 50’s music on the Flashback Weekend?  What does Jimi like to do on the weekend? What ever happened to Dick Ireland?

It might even be a question about another station or what’s happening in Baltimore.

Really…ask us anything?  Leave a comment and Greg Carpenter will do his best to answer your question.


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  1. Teri says:

    I always wondered about these three things on radio stations:
    -How are song lists picked (who decides which songs are picked and in what order)
    – What do DJ’s do after leaving the air (if they are on air for like 4 hours, what do they do for the next 4 hours of their 8-hour shift)
    – Is there an actual script you follow on your back and forth banter or do you adlib ( I know you do certain topics at certain times while on air but do you write out what you will say before saying it) and when is the script written – like today for tomorrow’s show? If you adlib, you guys are pretty good and think fast on your feet.

    1. Hi Teri,

      We do a lot of things do determine how songs go on the air. We do research, believe it or not. We find out what songs people like and what they don’t like and sort them based on popularity. We also look at other stations across the country that are similar to ours for ideas on songs. We take requests. We also just listen to tunes. If there is a catchy good tune, we put it on. As far as DJ’s, we all have different jobs after our on air shows. A lot of us do commercials and public appearances when our shows are over. Some of us do public affairs shows that run Sunday morning. I schedule music and work on programming and contests with our promotions director. We do have some scripts for our promotions like the Disney cruise giveaway. But a lot of times the dj’s will just talk about what’s on their minds and current events with no script…unless they jot down some notes for their talk breaks. We do try to be ‘fast on our feet.’

      Thanks a lot for your questions.

  2. Will says:

    We listen to Franś Nite Lite every evening and a few months ago we noticed she signs off about ten minutes earlier than before, was that on purpose?
    It seems like each of you is on the air alot, do you get vacation time?

    1. Hi Will,

      We adjusted our format clocks a little. Our commercial breaks used to be at :25 and :50 past the hour. We backed that up just a little to :15 and :45 past the hour. Since that happened, the DJ’s do sign off a little bit earlier. We do get vacation. Each DJ gets a different amount of time off depending on how long each has been employeed at the station. Bring on the next week off!!! 🙂

      Greg Carpenter

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