hang Summer Blockbuster Movies 2011: Top 10 Comedies

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Sure, we have all heard about the special effects of the new “Transformers” movie, the family friendly nature of “Cars 2”, or the franchise continuation of the “X-Men” series, but what about my favorite kind of movies…

The comedies!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Comedies that are set to be released this summer and their trailers!


#10: The Zookeeper

In this movie, it looks like Kevin James is up to his old tricks. That means, getting hit with things and falling down. Sprinkle in some talking animals and you have a solid summer comedy for that rainy day.

#9: Monte Carlo

This family friendly movie stars Justin Bieber’s girlfriend on her quest to spend a summer with her friends in France. While there, she gets confused with a girl that is a celebrity and looks just like her. I think you can tell where this one is going.

#8: 30 Minutes Or Less

Jessie “Social Network” Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari (Parks And Recreations) star in this movies about a pizza delivery guy that has 12 hours to rob a bank for Kenny Powers, or the bomb that they strapped to him will explode. In the meantime, hilarity ensues.

#7: Bad Teacher

Justin Timberlake is starring in 2 movies on this list, the first is as the object of Cameron Diaz’s affection as a school teacher gone wrong. This one is DEFINITELY going to be R Rated, but could be fun.

#6: Friends With Benefits

More Timberlake, this time with Mila Kunis. A couple of friends both end bad relationships and explore hanging out with each other “just for fun”, but when they travel to LA to visit family, they really start to like each other. Haven’t we seen this one before?

#5: The Change-Up

“Freaky Friday”, “Vice Versa”, “Big”, “18 Again”… This one has been done before, but looks like it takes it to another level. This one stars Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bateman who swap places as a family man and a single guy.

#4: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Steve Carell gets dumped by his wife and he becomes friends with a younger co-worker who has all the moves. He makes over Carell’s character when he realizes he wants his family back.

#3: Horrible Bosses

More Justin Bateman, this time with Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and others, as they plot to kill the bosses they hate so much.

#2: Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks has won 9 Employee of the Month Awards when he is fired and faced to find other work. Instead he goes back to school and tries to figure everything out.

#1: The Hangover 2

Is there any doubt that this will be one of the biggest movies of the summer? I for one will definitely be first in line to see Stu, Alan, and the Wolfpack as they navigate their way through Thailand to once again figure out what went wrong last night.

So, are there any movies that I missed? Comments? Let’s hear them!


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