Thanksgiving is all about food, family, and fun! Here are some activities that are easy to do, fun for the kids, and won’t empty your wallet.

Build Your Own Turkey Centerpiece

You will need: colored construction paper, 1 toilet paper roll, scissors, tape and glue


  1. 2 brown 5-7 inch circles for the back of the turkey.
  2. A 4 inch circle for the turkey’s head.
  3. 1 small rectangle (1 x 2 inches) for the turkey’s neck.
  4. Out of the colored construction paper, brown, red and yellow feather shapes.
  5. Another brown rectangle large enough to fit around and cover the toilet paper.
  6. A small yellow triangle for the beak.
  7. Two small black circles for the eyes.


  1. On one of the large brown circles, glue assorted geathers in fan shape along the bottom. Glue the other brown circle on top so that the feather ends are between the two circles are the glue doesn’t show.
  2. Take the circles/feathers combination and glue to the end of the toilet paper roll so that the feathers are pointing up.
  3. Glue to small brown rectangle to the edge of the remaining small brown circle. This is the turkey’s head and neck. Glue the turkey’s neck to the other end of the toilet paper roll.
  4. Bend the yellow triangle so that it looks like a beak and glue to the turkey’s head.
  5. Glue eyes to turkey’s head.
  6. Wrap larger remaining brown rectangle around the toilet paper roll and glue the ends together.

Homemade Place Cards

pumpkins Quick, Fun, And Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

Use mini pumpkins, gourds or any of your other favorite seasonal decorations to make place cards for your dinner guests. Simply write their names in permanent marker on the item of your choice, place them on your guests’ designated plates, and everyone will love their original seating arrangement.

Kid-Friendly Tablecloths

child Quick, Fun, And Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

Have the younger guests let their creative skills run wild with a paper table cloth they can write on. Encourage them to draw pumpkins, turkeys or whatever other Thanksgiving images come to mind. You can even have them collectively or individually write down what they are most thankful for as they gobble down their mashed potatoes.

Edible Tepees

dessert Quick, Fun, And Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

Get a historical and culinary lesson in with these edible tepees. You will need sugar cones, confectioners sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, cake-decorating icing, decorative candles, and toothpicks. Makes 8 servings.

  1. At low speed, mix 2 cups of sifted confectioners, 1/4 cup of softened unsalted butter, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract until smooth and spreadable. If necessary, add milk and stir.
  2. Use the icing to frost 8 sugar cones and then place them in the freezer until the icing hardens.
  3. Use cake-decorating icing to draw desired patterns and images and glue on the decorative candles. To create “lodgepoles,” insert toothpicks into the tip of each cone.

Turkey Hats

corn Quick, Fun, And Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

You will need: scissors, brown paper bags, cardboard, a glue stick, colored construction paper, 2 small white pom poms, and a black permanent marker.


  1. Cut a circle 4 inches in diameter for the turkey’s head and a 3 inch wide band to fit around your head from the brown paper bags.
  2. Cut a 2 x 6 inch strip from the cardboard which will be used as the turkey’s neck. Fold it three times so that it bends like an accordian. Glue one end to the back of the circle.
  3. Cut a small triangle from the yellow construction paper to create a beak.
  4. Draw a black dot on each of the two white pom poms with a permanent marker to create eyes. Glue these and the beak to the front of the brown circle.
  5. Glue other end of the accordian style neck to the headband.
  6. Fit headband around head and mark where it fits. Glue together and cut off the extra ends.

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