R&B singer Robin Thicke is at the top of his career right now with his latest record Love After War perking up ears, building up his exposure during appearances as a guest mentor on The Voice, and starring as a mentor in an up and coming singing competition show called Duets.

For Robin, appearing on Duets gives him an opportunity to lead by example as a mentor to undiscovered talent, something he’s paying forward from his days as a struggling new artist who took advice from music greats like Brian McKnight.

Though many fans might be hesitant in watching another singing competition show, Robin explains that Duets has a different spin than just the average run-of-the-mill competition show, in that he and fellow mentors – Lionel Ritchie, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles – also perform on the show every week.

Robin took the time to check in with the Pat & Kim Show on 94.7 The Wave to explain in more detail about his new venture as a music mentor on TV, his musical inspirations, plus talk about something very dear to his heart; his wife, Paula Patton, and their son, Julian.

[pullquote quote=”I feel like Marvin plays when you arrive at the gates of Heaven. It just feels like finally there’s some sense of peace of brotherhood and sisterhood.” credit=”Robin Thicke on Marvin Gaye’s music “]

He also told them the one big difference in his upcoming musical competition show, Duets, premiering on ABC this summer saying:

“The one thing that’s real different is that Me, Lionel, Kelly and Jennifer are all performing on each episode. We’re signing all the time, so I think in that case you get to see some new talent and then you’ll see some people that hopefully you like their music and get to watch them perform each week.”

Duets not only features the music mentors performing on stage each week, but will show them traveling around the country in search for two duet partners on the show. The mentors will sing with their partners and compete against each other in hopes of winning a record contract with Hollywood Records.

Robin tells the station he’s excited to be a mentor to some rising talent on the show, much like he received when he first got his start from singer Brian McKnight, someone Robin says “was instrumental in helping to get my career started.”

“There’s nothing better than example, and I got a chance to work with people like Brian… and you just watch these great talents work in the studio and it just gives you the drive to be as good as they are. It’s nice when your mentor leads by example.”

In addition to his personal mentor at the start of his career, Robin explains his love and inspiration he gets from the music of Marvin Gaye.

“There’s a sense of hope and peace in his music. I feel like Marvin plays when you arrive at the gates of Heaven,” he laughs. “It just feels like finally there’s some sense of peace of brotherhood and sisterhood.”

Other than his big TV appearance on The Voice and Duets coming soon, Robin is balancing his busy career with his family life. Both with busy careers in entertainment, he and wife Paula Patton are taking each day at time when it comes to raising their 2-year-old son, Julian.

“He’s very polite, loving young boy, but he loves music. He sings the ABC song — he doesn’t have all the letters yet, but he sings the ABC song in perfect pitch…so daddy’s very impressed already,” Robin jokes.

When asked about his latest album and title single, Love After War, Robin explains that the song is inspired by the real-life compromises and struggles couples have in relationships, even in his own.

“It’s about when you’re in a relationship, you’re squabbling back and forth, somebody’s got to say they’re sorry and start the healing process. So that song is me making the effort to just get along,” he explains.

But life is good for Robin, and he’s happy just where things are right now in his life and music. Between The Voice and Duets, Robin’s soulful music is getting out to the masses, and after he wraps up work on the TV gigs, he plans to go out on tour.

“I want to give my music an opportunity to be heard by as many people as possible. It’s been a good response so far,” he says.

You can catch Robin currently on NBC’s The Voice and see his new show Duets when it premieres this May 24th on ABC. Listen to The WAVE’s full conversation with Robin about music, love, life and much more in the audio below!

Britt Bickel, 94.7 The WAVE


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