A Powerful Psychic Reading

Are psychic mediums for real?  I say yes and I’ll tell you why.  A couple of years before The Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) became famous, she “read” me.  And her messages to me changed my life, or at least how I feel about life after death.  My friend invited me to attend a reading with her at her boss’s cousin’s house.  I did not know ANY of the people there and neither did my friend, so there was no way Theresa could have known anything about me.

We paid for the reading a few months in advance.  When the day finally arrived, my friend tried to talk me out of it (mainly because it was about an hour away).  When we got there and the reading started, Theresa looked right at me and said, “Did someone try to talk you out of coming here today?”

HOW COULD SHE HAVE KNOWN THAT?  As she was doing her introduction, she stopped in the middle of it to say that the spirit activity around me was so great that she was being pulled in my direction before she could even finished her intro.  She said, “Who’s the young blonde who was killed in a car accident.”  I immediately burst into tears because my beautiful, blonde 18-year-old cousin, Caitlyn, had been killed in a car accident that year.  My one question (which I had not shared with anyone) was whether or not she had suffered.  Theresa went on to say, “She wants you to know that she died instantly and did not suffer.”  I couldn’t even speak.

Theresa went on and read some other people, but she kept being pulled back to me.  I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I also felt kind of guilty because none of these people knew me and I was hogging the session.  They seemed ok with it though because we were all receiving very powerful messages.

Theresa told me that a mother-figure was behinid me hugging me and kissing me all over the face and saying that I was having a hard time with all the information that was being thrown at me in the reading.  WELL, my Aunt Ellin had died a few years before…she was like a second mother to me.  She used to hug me and kiss me all over the face when I was at her house, so I knew it was her.

Theresa went on to give me and the others there many powerful messages.  And then at the end of the session, she turned to me and said, “The whole party today…this whole session…was for YOU.”  Keep in mind, I knew none of these people.  Theresa went on to say that it was “a gift from my father.”  I disolved into a puddle.  My Dad was my best friend and he died suddenly at the age of 70 of a massive stroke.  I was so affected by this and so grateful.

One final note…Theresa told me that if I see certain things that I think are signs from my loved ones who have crossed over, they probably are.  She said, “You know…like…if you see bunnies where they shouldn’t  be, that’s a sign.”  You may not believe this, but it is true: when I arrived home after the reading, there were probably 10-15 bunnies in my front yard…I live in the city.

So if you have lost someone close to you and you think they are sending you a sign, they probably are.


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