By Courtney E. Smith

Ed Sheeran is probably the most affable pop star on the planet. Possibly in the history of pop music. Speaking with just before his show on Ellis Island on Friday night (June 13), he and about 300 fans had just come out of a raging thunderstorm. Sheeran arrived in a car, via the bridge to the island in New Jersey. His fans, however, were waylaid — stuck on a ferry in the middle of an unexpectedly violent downpour with their ability to even get to the island in question.

When the rain slowed down the ferry full of soaking wet fans were allowed to dock and a cavalcade of teenage girls stormed into the Ellis Island Museum’s first floor. Meanwhile, we were chatting with Sheeran on the second floor and, with those determined fans in mind, had to ask him if they were the people he imagined falling in love with his folk-rock songs.

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“To be honest, I always did envision it would be teenage fans,” Sheeran said. “To start off with [my fan base] was older men and as soon as it became teenage fans, the gigs started becoming more fun. People weren’t just turning up to stand still. People were turning up to sing, clap, have a good time and enjoy themselves. I really, really like having a young fan base. It’s more exciting.”

He agrees that the taste of teen girls in particular is not respected, but says it’s because they have a “split taste.”

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