"Donald Trump is a chump/ Know how we feel, punk."

By Jon Wiederhorn

Kendrick Lamar is getting real on his new track, “The Heart Part 4,” the fourth song from his ongoing series “The Heart.” Lamar released the song before midnight last night (March 23) and immediately set social media outlets on fire by taking shots at Donald Trump and quite possibly Big Sean. The track is the first from Kendrick’s upcoming fourth record, IV, and, needless to say, he pulls no punches lyrically and mixes up the beats throughout.

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The GRAMMY-winning rapper has a lot on his mind socially, professionally and politically. In one of the most pointed parts of the song he comments about popular trends and current events, attacking President Trump and addressing reports that Russia meddled with the election in order to help put Trump in the White House.

“The whole world gone mad/ Bodies is addin’ up/ Market’s about to crash/ n—as that fake rich/ b—-es that fake bad/ blacks that act white/ whites that do the dab/ Donald Trump is a chump/ know how we feel, punk/ Tell him the guy coming/ and Russia needs a replay button. Y’all up to somethin’/ Electorial votes look like memorial votes/ But America’s truth ain’t ignoring the votes/ It’s blasphemy how many go blast for me/ I prophesized on my last song, you laughed at me.”

There is rampant speculation on social media that Lamar’s also taking shots at rapper Big Sean. “My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil s—/ I’ll Big Pun your punk ass, you a scared lil bitch/ Tip-toeing around my name, n—a ya lame/ And when I get at you, homie/ Don’t you tell me you was just playin.”

Later in the song, Lamar seems to be addressing Big Sean’s Hall of Fame album: “Hoe, Jay Z Hall of Fame/ sit ya punk ass down,” he raps.

Maybe it’s all a reaction to lyrics from Big Sean’s “No More Interviews,” which many thought took a potshot at Kendrick: “And I can’t lie like I like this s— like I usually do/ And I’m just not impressed by you n—-s rapping fast / Who sound like one big asthma attack but trash when I’m rapping it back/  Who you put in your top five and claim they the savior of rap.”

Finally, there’s speculation that Lamar might be going after Drake. Listen to the track here.

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