Top 8 Cities You Most Commonly Mispronounce

It’s time to get it correct.  There are several cities in America that are hard to pronounce.  We are here to help.  Ready?

–Boise, Idaho.  (BOY-see)  There’s no “Z” in there.  It’s supposed to be pronounced with an “S” sound.

–Lafayette, Louisiana.  (LAH-fee-et)  Most people say La-FAY-et.  It’s actually La-FEE-et.

–Helena, Montana.  (HELL-en-uh)  Do you say Hell-AY-nuh?  The emphasis should be on the first syllable, not the second.

–Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  (WILKS-Bairy)  Don’t say the second half like your favorite “BAR.”  It’s Wilks-BAIRY.

–Kissimmee, Florida.  (Kah-SIM-ee)  I always say KISS-i-mee.  But it’s Kah-SIM-ee.  Dang it.

–Norfolk, Virginia.  (NOR-fik)  “Folk” has nothing to do with that word.  It’s NOR-fik . . . or NAW-fik.

–Spokane, Washington.  (Spo-CAN)  Do you say Spo-CANE?  I have.  It’s Spo-CAN.

–Louisville, Kentucky.  (LOO-ih-vull)  “LOUEY-ville” is what a lot of people say.  Basically, swallow the whole word…LOO-ih-vull.

Good times.  Tomorrow, we may tell you more things you do wrong….hahahaha.  Kidding.


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