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Who Do You Think Was Best Dressed At The Emmy's?

There was some UNBELIVEABLE fashion at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards! The gowns were unreal! My favorite gown of the evening............MANDY MOORE!!! She killed it in that Brandon Maxwell gown! -Maria Dennis Emma McIntyre / Staff/ Getty Images North America Read More

Maryland Trivia Quiz

Okay, my fellow Marylanders...It's time to test your knowledge of The Land of Pleasant Living . Let's see how well you know The Old Line State. I am a Maryland girl- born and raised here. I love my state and I especially love learning about all its quirks and the things that make it unique. Take... Read More

Is Your Kids Summer Vacation Too Long?

(The Miami Beach Phrase That Pays for Saturday, September 21 is: amazing food ) With students back at school, parents are looking back on their long, hot summer. A new survey finds 67 percent of parents saying summer vacation for their kids is too long. Most adults want to reclaim time for... Read More
Tom's Slow Beans

In My Kitchen - Tasty Bean Recipe

Cool Beans! This Texas slow bean recipe with a Maryland twist created by my hubby is the perfect accompaniment for football game day get togethers. The next time you fire up your grill, plan on making this flavor-packed recipe in advance. Don’t be in a rush to cook beans. They taste best when... Read More

Halloween Costumes For Couples Who Want To Geek Out Together

It won't be long. Trick or Treat! Halloween is just around the corner and there are couple costumes that will allow you and your partner to geek out this Halloween. Some of the more creative selections include going as an iCloud, use cotton to cover your clothing and attach pictures to the cotton... Read More

The Top Ten Things Your Kids Say That Drive You Crazy

(The Miami Beach Phrase That Pays for Sunday, September 22 is : cuisine ) A new survey asked parents to name the top things their kids say . . . and repeat . . . that drive them crazy. And here are the top 10 . . . 1. "Are we there yet?" 2. "What's for dinner?" 3. "When is dinner?" 4. "Mom!" 5. "Do... Read More

Baltimore's Longest Unbroken Line of Rowhouses

The 2600 block of Wilkens Avenue in Southwest Baltimore is known as the “ Mill Hill Deck of Cards .” These 54 matching orange brick rowhouses with white marble steps were built in 1912. Stretching over 1800 feet, this is the city’s longest block of unbroken rowhouses. The homes originally sold for... Read More

These Songs Can Get You a Speeding Ticket

Ever get a speeding ticket because you were jamming in your car? Turns out it does happen. A university recently conducted a study on the most speed inducing music to listen to in the car. The looked at driver performance, as well as "physiological and psychological response" to different songs... Read More

Mickey Mouse Will Help Your Kids Get To Sleep

If putting your kids to bed has become a challenge, perhaps they'll actually listen to their favorite animated stars help you out. Dial-up Disney's free hotline and they'll be connected to Mickey Mouse, Woody, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa, Yoda and Spider-Man, who will get the kids in sleep mode with one... Read More

A True Baltimore Speakeasy Lives

( The Miami Beach Phrase That Pays for Thursday, September 19 is: music ) The Owl Bar is a step back in time rich in history. Prohibition, movie stars, writers, politicians, the famous and infamous, all write a chapter in the history of one of my favorite places to enjoy lunch when my husband Tom... Read More