Justin Sullivan / Staff

Baltimore City Becomes the First Major U.S. City to Bar Soda From the Kids' Menu

July 20, 2018

By Ana Hall-DeFoor

On Wednesday a new ordinance went into effect barring Baltimore City restaurants from including soda on the kids' menu. 

The Baltimore City Healthy Kids’ Meal Bill demands the only drink options for kids meals are water, milk, 100 percent fruit juice, sparkling or flavored water without added sweeteners.

The bill says kids can still consume soda at restaurants in Baltimore City if the adult accompanying them requests it. 

Baltimore is the first major U.S. city and the only city on the east coast to bar sodas from the kids' menu.

The ordinance is strongly supported by advocacy group Sugar Free Kids Maryland. According to their website, their mission is, “to protect Maryland children from type 2 diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay so they can live long, healthy lives.”

The Sugar Free Kids Maryland website states that one in four children in Baltimore City drinks at least one soda a day.