Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

Busting Those Valentine's Day Myths And Legends

Would you send yourself flowers on February 14th?

February 12, 2019

According some research, 10% of people have sent themselves flowers on February 14th.

Did giving cards on Valentine's Day start with greeting card companies? Nope, according to the Washington Post, the Victorians exchanged tokens, notes and handmade cards on Feb. 14. In 1868 Cadbury was the first to put chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Mass-manufactured greeting cards were introduced in the United States in 1849 and sold by Hallmark in 1913. A recent survey found out we spend a record $20.1 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2018!

The candy hearts bring back my childhood days, but they actually date back to the days of the American Civil War, according to Reader's Digest. Daniel Chase, whose brother Oliver founded the candy company NECCO, came up with the idea of printing catchy sayings right on the candy. In 1866, NECCO started churning out miniature candy hearts, then called “motto hearts.”

Is Valentine’s Day the best day for a wedding proposal? 40% of women say it’s cliche' to propose on that day. If you are in a relationship, and you want to break it off, does that happen on Valentine’s Day? 25% say they would end it on February 15th. Well at least you received the gifts beforehand