Christmas Cookie Personality


December 4, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn


What tickles your taste buds? See what your favorite Christmas cookie can say about you!

Gingerbread: This means you embrace new experiences with a smile on your face, just like the Mr. Gingerbread cookie (always smiling) himself! You are an adventurous spirit, (it must be the cloves and nutmeg, spicing you up).

Sugar cookies: You are genuine. Creative type too, decorating those sweet confections. You like things simple, like a sugar cookie, with sprinkles of sugar.

Snickerdoodle: This means you are a charismatic people person. Exuding wit and humor, childlike free spirit.

Chocolate Chip: You are a traditionalist and an organizer. The person to organize a Secret Santa activity.

Peppermint cookies: This means you are energetic and multitasker., Pep with the peppermint for sure!

(Source: Woman's World)

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