"Drowing The Shamrock" St. Patrick's Day

History of the clover and crazy ritual on St. Patrick's Day

March 14, 2018
St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks

Diane Lyn

Learn more about the history of the clover and a crazy ritual called "drowning the shamrock"on St. Patrick's Day!

The shamrock was used to explain the Christian Holy Trinity, the three-leaf clover. A shamrock tradition from the 17th century, was to wear the clover on your coat.

Then by end of day, try out this ritual, “drowning the shamrock." Just place it in a glass of whiskey before drinking. It is an age old custom. Legend has it, that St. Patrick, himself went into a bar and received a measure of whiskey.  He told the bar tender, he had a devil in his cellar who fed on the man’s dishonesty, so he’d better mend his ways. The tradition continued with an added shamrock to the shot. The Shamrock plant is tossed over the left shoulder. I guessing for good luck! Enjoy this tradtion responsibly.