Freebie For National Selfie Day

What is a Frylus

June 21, 2018
Celebrating Selfies

S. Dennis


You have heard of a stylus, are you ready for a "Frylus"?

In honor of National Selfie Day today, McDonald's is giving away an unusual accessory. They call it, the Frylus which means according to McDonald's, "another frivolous, fry-based innovation from the makers of the Frork."

So back to the Frylus. It is shaped like a French fry, comes in yellow and acts as a stylus for your smartphone. The Frylus is meant to give you "mess-free selfies."
McDonald's puts it like this: “Literally the only solution for keeping your phone 100% fresh while enjoying our new 100% percent fresh beef Quarter Pounders and taking a 100% percent fresh selfie. And it really works! Most of the time.”

Only today you can get the Frylus, free with a purchase of a Quarter Pounder or Double Quarter Pound June 21, while supplies last.