Greenbrier Resort WVA: Love Clock/Love Notes

September 13, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

The Greenbrier "Love Clock" has become famous in its own right. The clock came from London, purchased by their famous designer, Dorothy Draper. This became the focal point of many romances and potential suitors. There is a wooden box (see the pic) on the mantel, jammed with notes. "Love Notes" left for their sweethearts. I dare not read them, they are personal notes. I imagined they were left for a possible "meet me at the garden rendezvous" or maybe a note of marriage proposal. The notes were originally left behind the clock. Greenbrier constructed a box to protect the antique time piece.

In recent times, the Greenbrier Resort's Love Clock, played host to the TV show The Bachelorette in 2012. According to the show: "The love clock is where it seemed to click with Emily that this was never going to happen with Joe. In other words: Tick tock, time is up".

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