Halloween Costume Personality

Yup that is me from 1985 the Good Witch

October 30, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

What you wear tomorrow, can say a lot about who you are. I am partial to witches (easy costume to make), TBT from 1980's the pic above.

Find your personality thru your Halloween costume.

Witch says you are a powerful rebel, strong-willed and natural leader.

Cats say you are alluring, independent and mysterious.

Celebrity costumes, says you are contemporary and charismatic.

Vampire says you are passionate, romantic, and you know life is too short.

Queen or princess costumes, say you are sophisticated, glamorous and warm.

Dress up like a fairy and you are creative, magical and fun.

( Source: Woman's World)

Also found on: www.radio.com