How To Be A Cheap Date For Valentine's Day

The cost of doing Valentine's Day goes up in 2019

February 5, 2019

Photo Credit:Diane Lyn


You need deep pockets to fund February 14th, the price of romancing your Valentine goes up in 2019. According to Money Wise, a dozen long-stemmed red roses, goes for around $97, a few dollars more than in 2018. Bloom Nation's data has indicated that the price at Valentine's Day can be 30% higher. My hubby usually gets me a bouquet of a mixed flowers. instead of all roses. They will be placed in a beautiful red vase with a Valentine's bow. Boom! Perfect.

What about sweets for your sweetie! Money Wise says be ready to spend around $16 for the box of chocolates, a little less than in 2018. My hubby and I are going with local chocolate makers like Harford County's Log Cabin Candy. They have cute heart shaped chocolates and we are supporting local business. Beats the $29.99 charge for a box of Godiva.

Money Wise says the average price for dining out is $101.00 and that is up from $99.84 last year. We are planning a romantic dinner out, but looking for early bird specials. Our reservation is for 5:30,for drinks and apps. In the past we would dine in at home and cook up a pasta dish, with heart shaped pasta.