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How To Be A Cheap Date For Valentine's Day

The cost of doing Valentine's Day goes up in 2019

February 5, 2019

You need deep pockets to fund February 14th, the price of romancing your Valentine goes up in 2019. According to Money Wise, a dozen long-stemmed red roses, goes for around $97, a few dollars more than in 2018. Bloom Nation's data has indicated that the price at Valentine's Day can be 30% higher. My hubby usually gets me a bouquet of a mixed flowers. instead of all roses. They will be placed in a beautiful red vase with a Valentine's bow. Boom! Perfect.

What about sweets for your sweetie! Money Wise says be ready to spend around $16 for the box of chocolates, a little less than in 2018. My hubby and I are going with local chocolate makers like Harford County's Log Cabin Candy. They have cute heart shaped chocolates and we are supporting local business. Beats the $29.99 charge for a box of Godiva.

Money Wise says the average price for dining out is $101.00 and that is up from $99.84 last year. We are planning a romantic dinner out, but looking for early bird specials. Our reservation is for 5:30,for drinks and apps. In the past we would dine in at home and cook up a pasta dish, with heart shaped pasta.