Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

The Most Photographed Lighthouse In New England

Nubble Lighthouse With A Haunted Past and A Famous Cat

July 10, 2019

While on vacation in Maine, a must visit for us is one of our favorite landmarks, The Nubble Lighthouse. The most photographed lighthouse in New England!  It sits on a small, rocky island near Cape Neddick, and York Harbor Maine.

Back in the 1800's, local mariners found the area risky for ship travel. A wreck in 1842, got the attention the rocky island needed to get a lighthouse. The shipwreck of Isidor in 1842, sparked interest but it took nearly four more decades before the lighthouse was established.  According to local legend, The Isidor still reappears as a ghost ship with a phantom crew near the lighthouse.

The Nubble has a colorful past, due to the many lighthouse families. One family kept a cow and chickens on the island.

There was a cat named Sambo. According to New England Lighthouses, " Around 1929, Sambo Tonkus (Mr. T) was born at the Nubble Lighthouse. Sambo stayed at Nubble even when the keepers changed. The ginger-striped tabby grew to be a hefty twenty pounds. After clearing the island of its rodents, he decided to go to the mainland for more. Sambo would saunter down to the water’s edge." He was a famous "mouser". They say Sambo would swim over the channel to the mainland to go mouse hunting! My orange kitty needs to hear this story to learn a thing or two...

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