Photo Credit: J.J.

My First Starbucks Is Closing

Bel Air says goodbye

January 28, 2019

This a personal blog for me today. My go-to Starbucks is closing after 23 years in Bel Air. This Starbucks stands right next to the Barnes and Noble store and has been there since 1996.

That was the year my hubby and I got married in 1996. And while you think this is "just" another Starbucks store, think again. It was our "first" Starbucks store. This is one we would start our road trips with. Go get our coffee, maybe a pastry or some other snack, then hit the road for our adventure. This is the Starbucks, my husband would go to on the weekend. He is an early riser. He would go and get his coffee before I would wake up. This Starbucks is where we would take our niece, who is now 29 years old. She would always ask for "extra caffeine" in her drink as a kid and that was cool. Of course Auntie Diane would get to the barista before my niece's drink was made into a "decaf" coffee. LOL I would run into high school buddies, former radio coworkers and even people like you who listen to my show on Today's 101.9 at this Starbucks. This was our community coffee shop.

On February 18th, our first and favorite Starbucks will close in Bel Air. And you know, I am not the only one sad. They have a box on the bar, filled with notes of thanks and memories. As for the employees who still work there, they will be relocated to other area Starbucks.

Thank you for making some amazing soy cappuccinos for me during those 23 years, Starbucks Bel Air. We will miss you.