Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

A New Apple Native To Maryland

Antietam Blush our state's official apple

January 18, 2019

Maryland invents a new apple and only took 27 years!

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a new variety that thrives in a hot, sticky and humid climate here in the Mid Atlantic region. It is called the "Antietam Blush". Sounds yummy!

According to, ‘Antietam Blush’ is a ‘Cripps Pink’ by a ‘McIntosh Wijcik’ and ‘Gala’ cross, with the white lenticels like a ‘Gala.’ Fruit flavor is refreshing and sweet. ‘Antietam Blush’ is a shorter, narrower tree with a more-effective natural branching profile, to allow for minimal pruning. The variety also offers higher tolerance to drought and disease resistance. This is a late-season, high-sugar/high-acid fruit so it has good flavor after cold storage.

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