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The No Straw Movement

Women are ditching straws because of wrinkles

October 5, 2018

Simply sipping from straw is causing a bunch of controversary. According to dermatology experts, drinking from a straw can cause wrinkles around your mouth, much like smoking a cigarette does.
According to an article from the Huffington Post, Dermatologists Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd, founder of Specific Beauty, and Dr. Rebecca Baxt, here setting the record straight:
"Yes, repeated straw drinking causes people to purse their lips and can create wrinkles from the repetitive muscle motion," Baxt tells us. "Much like frowning causes wrinkles on the upper face."
However, Woolery-Lloyd is wary of placing all the blame on drinking straws. "In general, drinking through a straw should not cause wrinkles," she says. "However, any repetitive movement can increase the risk of wrinkles." To compare, Woolery-Lloyd referred to the much more damaging habit of smoking.

I always thought straws could cause wrinkles around your mouth. Ok so now, I will rethink the straw for my iced latte, Maybe I will bring my Yeti cooler cup with me to Starbucks from now on!

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