Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

Pimlico Cake For Preakness Week

It was served at the old Pimlico restuarant

May 14, 2019

So what is the Pimlico Cake?

This little piece of nostalgia originated from the now-closed Pimlico restaurant in Baltimore.

The famous have eaten there: Rock Star Robert Palmer, actors Angela Lansbury, Don Ameche, Mitzi
Gaynor and others. I have enjoyed my share of Pimlico cake and luckily found the perfect place to get a

So what does it taste like and where can you find it? Atwater's locations make a version of this
hometown favorite. Ned at Atwater's says, "this is a nice spring time dessert, a light cake with a history."

It reminds me of a Boston Cream Pie.

The original recipe called for a yellow chiffon layer cake filled with Bavarian custard and iced with a rich
chocolate frosting.