Pimlico Cake For Preakness Week

It was served at the old Pimlico restuarant

May 14, 2019

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn


So what is the Pimlico Cake?

This little piece of nostalgia originated from the now-closed Pimlico restaurant in Baltimore.

The famous have eaten there: Rock Star Robert Palmer, actors Angela Lansbury, Don Ameche, Mitzi
Gaynor and others. I have enjoyed my share of Pimlico cake and luckily found the perfect place to get a

So what does it taste like and where can you find it? Atwater's locations make a version of this
hometown favorite. Ned at Atwater's says, "this is a nice spring time dessert, a light cake with a history."

It reminds me of a Boston Cream Pie.

The original recipe called for a yellow chiffon layer cake filled with Bavarian custard and iced with a rich
chocolate frosting.