Putting On The "Glitz"

Read out about this amazing find in Kentucky

November 14, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn


During our wedding anniversary week in Kentucky, we had an amazing lunch at this beautiful place called The Glitz. It resides in the basement of an old school, Nonesuch Elementary School. Irish Acres Gallery of Antiques was established in 1974, which occupies the floors above the restaurant. This old school was bought, privately in 1984. You will find antiques from all over the world, according to their website. "As a result, the gallery has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and continues to awe visitor".

So The Glitz was created out of the old school kitchen and cafeteria. I was taken back by the beauty of this restaurant. The website describes it best: "Iridescent bulbs, grapevine, and twinkle lights give the dining room its iconic look and subsequent design awards from institutions like Restaurants and Institutions Magazine". Glitz has a 3 course menu, with farm-table ingredients. Yummy selections like: pistachio chicken to a salmon crepe, with cream sauce. They gave us a complimentary signature beverage "Spiced Apple Refresher" with a frozen maraschino cherry, like the cherry on top! The business is now in it’s 32nd year in Nonesuch Kentucky. We felt like we walked into a "fantasy dining room" (see the pic above). Absolutely loved the whole experience!!

For more info: http://www.irishacresgallery.com/the-glitz/

Also found at: www.radio.com