Quiet Zone In The Middle Of WVA: Green Bank Observatory

Green Bank Observatory

September 4, 2018

Diane Lyn


While on my Labor Day road trip thru wild and wonderful West Virginia, we stumbled upon several large telescopes. The Green Bank Observatory is about 53 miles south of Elkins WVA. This is the National Radio Quiet Zone. This means you have no cell service and you can't use your wireless device. This is a safe haven for radio astronomy. Designated by the US Government in 1958, 13,000 square miles of minimized radio signal interference. The Green Bank Science Center has a telescope, nice gift shop (if you are in the need of "aliens" they have them) and the Starlight Café for "out of this world" grub!

Go to http://greenbankobservatory.org/nrqz for more info.

This daughter of the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury Rocket Scientist dad, enjoyed my day at West Virginia's Space Place.

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