Reasons Why We Do Not Need Shampoo

September 19, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn


I wished I had known this before I bought that expensive shampoo in the pic!

So do you wash your hair every single day? I stopped doing that a few years ago because shampoo, with its chemicals, can dry out hair. But do we really need shampoo? According to The Hairpin,
they say no to shampoo. Here's what they suggest: "You go through a terrible phase where you don’t wash your hair at all. When that phase is over, you do the following instead of using shampoo: put baking soda in your hair, rinse it out, put apple-cider vinegar in your hair, rinse it out. Repeat once every 5–7 days, washing with just water in the meantime."

There are 7 other reasons to explore why shampoo is bad for you and what to use instead at:

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