Things In Your Home That Are Unlucky

According to Feng Shui and other cultural traditions

October 10, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

These are common things in your home that can cause problems, especially if you are superstitious or practice Feng Shui. Green wall paint for example. In my home I have a wall of green. Well back in the 1800's green wall paints were considered toxic. It had arsenic in it! The problem has been fixed, but some interior designers feel it is an omen to paint green. They won't use it because of Feng Shui. A broken clock in your house should be tossed. It can promote a "rut in your life". Take at look at the clock hands, not moving right? This could mean you are not moving forward.

Other items in your home that can cause "bad luck":

An empty rocking chair


Dead or dried up plants


Unmade bed!!

Wow, I have at least 3 of these in my home! Find out more about things that are "no nos" at:

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