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Vitamin E: What You Didn't Know About This Wonder Vitamin

Vitamin E Pros and Cons

September 26, 2018

Do you take a Vitamin E supplement? I do and the reasons are for health: Boosts your immune system, preventing stroke-induced brain damage and protecting against certain cancers. Vitamin E oil is good for your hair and skin. Experts say proceed with caution with using Vitamin E for a "catch all body vitamin". “Vitamin E is always a tricky ingredient to use,” says celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas. “It’s an awesome antioxidant, but it’s heavy, so if you are prone to break outs, it could make you break out more. Vitamin E has always been used in skincare, but I think the purity of it has changed". So Vitamin E can cause pimples?

Do you use Vitamin E as a daily beauty regimen? Well might want to check out its "do and don'ts". Plus new ways to use Vitamin E, like on your cuticles and with Vitamin C for more sun protection. With any health advice, always ask your health provider first before using, to make sure it is right for you.

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