Wacky Calls To The Butterball Turkey Hotline

Crazy cooks in the kitchen

November 20, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn


The operators at Butterball Turkey Talk get a big laugh on Thanksgiving. They share the wackiest calls you won't believe:

A man tells his story about his mother thawing a turkey in the clothes dryer, leaving it to thump all night.

Another call, has a story about two people cooking a turkey in a cookie sheet, setting off the smoke detector because the drippings were spilling over in the oven. One of them asked the Turkey Talk operator "If kitty litter would work to sop up the liquid?"

And this crazy call from a woman who asked, "Can I use bleach to clean and rid the turkey of bacteria."

Some more from: www.tsminteractive.com/butterball-hotline-funniest-calls

“Should I remove the plastic wrap before I cook my turkey?”

“The turkey in my freezer is 23 years old. Is it safe to eat?”

Unbelievable! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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