Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

What Is So Special About This Drawbridge In Maine

Perkin's Cove drawbridge

July 9, 2019

This historic drawbridge is found in the quaint New England village in Maine, called Perkin's Cove. Founded back in the late 1800's, by Daniel Perkins. It started out as a fisherman's village and morphed in to an arts community. Today, Perkin's Cove is the place for shopping and dining.

My hubby and I caught a few boats there for excursions out to sea for a little sightseeing. Perkins Cove has been "Presidentidal" at times for the Bush Family as they ventured south from their Kennebukeport estate, to get a bite to eat at the famous Barnicle Billy's restaurant.

Now what about the drawbridge? Here is the deal: when a sailboat needs to have it raised, whoever's on the bridge gets to push the button! That's right, ordinary people in this Maine town lower and raise the Perkin's Cove drawbridge!