Photo Credit: Diane Lyn

What Your Favorite Fall Flavor Says About You

September 24, 2018

According to taste researcher, Alan Hirsch, MD, fall flavors can really say a lot about what makes you tick!

Lets start with one of my favs, apple: You are a born nurturer, heart of the family and someone with a shoulder to lean on. Hirsch says, "Apples trigger relaxing alpha brain waves, sparking optimism".

Pumpkin flavor: You have a rich imagination and you infuse every day with creative flair. Hirsch says, "The distinctive flavor of pumpkin, is unique to the season. This is typically favored by inventive, independent thinkers".

Love maple: You are a giver, civic minded and strive to make a better world. Hirsch explains, "People who gravitate toward super sweet maple sugar tend to be sweet themselves."

Cinnamon lovers: You are a charmer, quick witted and life of the party. Hirsch says, "The scent of cinnamon is energizing, and it makes perfect sense, you are socially stimulating."

If ginger is your favorite: You are a free spirit. love adventure and love the true spice of life. HIrsch explains, "This slightly exotic flavor often appeals to those with an open-minded world view."

Source: Woman's World