Where Did The Christmas Wreath Come From

History of this favorite holiday decoration

December 5, 2018

Photo Credit: Diane Lyn


According to the website, holidappy.com, we get Christmas wreath from the ancient Celts of Europe.

One of the many decorations that the ancient Celts were made from boughs of holly. Yup just like the Christmas song "deck the halls with boughs of holly

So why is a Christmas wreath in a circle? The circular structure originates from what the ancient Romans wore on their heads during festivals to honor warriors called "coronas" .

A circle is a powerful symbol and represents many things:
Holidappy says: "The idea of the Christmas wreath being a circle is a powerful symbol that represents many different things, depending on the seasonal holiday you celebrate. If you indeed celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Christ, then the Christmas wreath is said to represent the preparation of the coming of Christ. The Christmas wreaths were said to have been constructed of evergreen branches, symbolizing the life of the earth that never truly dies (despite the blistery winter winds and chills)."

When you see a wreath on a door during this holiday season, think of it as a circle that remains unbroken for you and your family. The joy of the season.

To find out more: www. https://holidappy.com/holidays/History-of-the-Christmas-Wreath