Dreamstime/Fran Lane

Baltimore's Best Oyster Bars

September 5, 2019

Chew ‘em twice and let ‘em slide…That’s what my father used to always say! ‘Tis the season for a Maryland favorite…Oysters on the half-shell! What are the best Oyster Bars in the Baltimore area? Check out this list compiled from several sources...

Dylan’s Oyster Cellar   Hampden

Mama’s on the Half Shell   Canton

The Local Oyster   Baltimore

Ryleigh’s Oyster   Federal Hill

Faidley Seafood   Lexington Market

Thames Street Oyster House   Fells Point

Lee’s Pint & Shell   Baltimore

L. P. Steamers   Baltimore

Nick’s Fish House   Baltimore

Pappas Restaurant & Sports Bar   Parkville