Maryland Trivia Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of The Land of Pleasant Living

September 25, 2018
Maryland Trivia Quiz

Fran Lane

Okay, my fellow Marylanders...It's time to test your knowlwdge of The Land of Pleasant Living. Let's see how well you know The Old Line State. I am a Maryland girl- born and raised here. I love my state and I especially love learning about all its quirks and the things that make it unique. Take this week's Maryland Trivia Quiz to see how much you know about our state and perhaps learn something new.

1.  During Prohibition, what was the new Crain Highway fom Baltimore to Charles County called?

2.  What winery near Baltimore contains Maryland's oldest vineyards?

3.  If a woman is "gone to Canaan" in Eastern Shore dialect, what does it mean?


1.  Bootleggers Boulevard

2.  Boordy Vineyards

3.  She is pregnant