The Story Behind Baltimore's Favorite Candy

July 26, 2019

Fran Lane

Goetze's Candy began in 1895 in Baltimore. August Goetze worked as an engraver who produced many of the printing plates for the old Baltimore Chewing Gum Company. During this time, he learned that the gum business was not performing well and made an offer to purchase the business for his son William.

In 1909, William’s son R. Melvin Goetze joined the company. Not long after that, the First World War began. The family was able to stay in the confectionery business during this time and it actually inspired the family to develop new confections.  In 1917 Melvin began making "chuees" (Caramel Creams® without the center) out of the family's kitchen. Caramel Creams were developed soon after and were released the following year.

In the early part of the 20th century, Goetze's Candy saw a steady growth and in 1928 they moved their manufacturing to a new 24,000 square foot production facility on East Monument Street. This move allowed the company to increase their production and triple their output. Although the building has been modified over the years, Goetze’s Candy still produces caramel in the same location and the Baltimore favorite is now sold nationally and internationally.