Why Does Mr. Boh Only Have One Eye?

May 15, 2019

Fran Lane

Ever since I was a kid, I wondered why Mr. Boh, who has been a Baltimore advertising icon since 1933, only had one eye. It has remained a mystery with no clear cut answer. I’ve only been able to find out small tidbits, but haven’t been able to crack the case. A former Vice President of Marketing for the National Brewing Company guessed that Mr. Boh’s image was meant to be a profile. Others have stated that it meant to say “it only takes one eye to pick a good beer.”

The most popular reason given as to why Mr. Boh only has one eye came from Baltimore school children. It had to do with National Bohemian’s direct competition, Gunther Brewing Company, which was located right across the street. Gunther’s slogan was “Gunther’s got it.” So when asked what happened to Mr. Boh’s missing eye, school children would reply “Gunther’s got it!”