The Spotlight On Maryland Is On House Of Ruth Maryland

June 5, 2020
Janice Miller from House of Ruth Maryland

Photo Courtesy of Maroon PR- Sarah Orzach


Gina Crash spoke on the phone recently with Janice Miller, the Director of Programs and Clinical Services at House of Ruth Maryland, about Intimate Partner Violence, (IPV), during the COVID-19 pandemic and what to do when sheltering in place is not the safest option. 

House of Ruth Maryland is one of the nation's leading IPV centers helping women and their children find safety & security. 

Click below to listen to the interview. 

If you need help and are facing intimate partner violence at home, you can call their 24-Hour Hotline at 410-889-7884. That's 410-889-RUTH. To find out more and to learn how you can help, visit

You can also find House of Ruth Maryland on social media @HouseofRuthMD on Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

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