Stations in The U.S. and Canada are banning the Christmas favorite. What should we do at Today’s 101.9? Oh, and I’m going to open your eyes to real controversy.

December 7, 2018

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Stations across the U.S. and Canada are banning the Christmas classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” due to the perceived controversial lyrics.  There are several versions of the song.  It’s been recorded by artists like Dean Martin, Seth McFarlane, Michael Buble, Brett Eldridge, Rod Stewart, and others.

We are wondering if you think this song is controversial today in the #metoo era. 

So, we’ve set up a poll so you can give us your opinion.

Opinions may differ from person to person.

I can tell you, as a father of teenagers, this song isn’t anywhere close to as offensive as some of the songs teens are listening to.

Don’t believe me?  Look up some popular teen artists and songs like:

Sheck Wes “Mo Bamba”

Kanye West “I Love It”

But, I warn you before you listen to them make sure there aren’t any little kids around…terrible lyrics!  Seriously…be careful.

Those songs might make you realize the Dean Martin classic is pretty tame…and you’ll be scared at what else your teens are listening to.