Would You Try Christmas Tree-Flavored Chips?

October 9, 2018

ID 128207279 © Kenmind76 | Dreamstime.com; ID 128119162 © Ruckzack | Dreamstime.com


Move over pumpkin spice. Christmas is coming and so are Christmas tree-flavored potato chips! Well, at least in the UK they are. These hand-cooked crisps are made with oil taken from real pine needles. Who knows, they could be woodsy and delicious.  Would you try them?

We talked about them on air this morning and most people thought they sounded gross. Dana texted in, "Who wants to eat a tree? I'd use them for potpourri!"

I'd probably try them since I love snacks, but only if Nathan our traffic guy was buying. This summer he brought in all of the "Lay's Across America" flavors for us to try. Greg said he would rather hike in the woods than eat the woods.

If you want to see what the packaging looks like while we're waiting for them to hopefully hit stores in the States, Birmingham Updates tweeted this picture a few days ago:

We are Baltimore's Christmas Music Station, so this idea is getting us excited for the season!

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