It's a shame. Baltimore's violent reputation overshadows the 'charm' of our town. It shouldn't.

October 11, 2018

Photo by: Greg Carpenter


We have a beautiful city.  There, I said it. 

Yes, we make national headlines with our violent crime, which is an issue, our squeegee kids are in the current headlines, and the alleys and streets need a good cleaning as there is trash and graffiti everywhere.

But, at our core, we are a beautiful metropolitan area.

Its beauty hit me over the head on a recent trip by boat to the Inner Harbor.  I couldn’t take pictures fast enough.  The town was active and the scenery spectacular. 

Somehow, we all have to bring things back to our core, find our pride, cherish our neighborhoods, and “Mayor Donald Schaefer” the heck out of this city.  Yes, I just used the former mayor’s name as a verb.

I love our town, and I’d love to see the charm come back to Charm City.