Turns Out People Really Like Candy Corn!

October 30, 2018

ID 284639 © Harris Shiffman | Dreamstime.com


Today is National Candy Corn Day and Greg & I noticed it was trending on Twitter, so we tossed it out to the audience. We wondered if anybody really likes candy corn. Turns out you do!

This is the funniest candy corn tweet we could find in our feed:

We heard from a guy who called in to say he eats a couple of bags a day when it's in season. Another girl corrected me that it is a fat free snack, but it's not vegan or vegetarian. Turns out a key ingredient of candy corn is gelatin which is derived from the bones, skin & connective tissues of animals. Who knew?

Greg only eats the white tops off the candy corn and I would only eat it if there was no other Halloween candy around to eat.

Come to think of it, I've gotta go. I haven't bought ANY candy yet!

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