How Long Do You Have Once The Tire Pressure Light Comes On?

November 7, 2018

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Last night I was on my way to co-host Tuesday Trivia at the Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille at Hollywood Casino Perryville and my tire pressure light came on. Luckily I made it back home safely and to the show this morning, but I was wondering how long I had before I would get a flat tire. Allen Scott filled in for Greg and we talked about the dreaded warning symbol on the air this morning and we got a ton of calls and texts about it.

I admitted I have never checked or put air in my tires by myself because I always go to the dealer. Alot of people agreed with me, but some women said they were taught by their Dads so they could to do it themselves or just learned on their own for auto safety. Theresa from Catonsville Community College called in and stressed the impact tire pressure has on vehicle safety. She knows because she's a driving instructor!

Some people said not to worry about it because it's probably just from the recent change in the weather, but I was still worried..

After the show I rushed over to the Heritage Honda Towson service department and Chris and Malcolm helped me out and discovered that all of my tires were extremely low in pressure. The front driver's side tire only had 7.5 pounds of pressure! The others were low too like 13, 17 and 23 pounds or something. The recommended setting is like 33 or 35. It's a good thing I went to the dealer or I could have had 4 flat tires before the end of the day!

So next time the light comes on, get it checked as quickly as you can! You can never be too careful!

They don't call me Gina Crash for nothing. My track record for vehicle safety is not the best!

Greg will be back tomorrow! Thanks for listening!

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