Forget New Year's Resolutions Try This Instead

December 27, 2018

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Instead of setting yourself up for failure with an unattainable New Year's resolution, experts say we should make weekly goals instead of a resolution for the entire year. Makes sense! That way you have the natural start of the week to adopt new habits and if you mess up, the start of the next week is not too far away to try again. Think of it more as the Monday Resolution.

Greg & I are going to see if this works. He wants to move more so his family doesn't think he has become a permanent part of the upholstery on the couch. I want to actually use the free gym in my building instead of walking past it and traffic guy Nathan wants to get 8 hours of sleep. Good luck with that one Nathan!

Our pal Steve Mann who filled in for us over the Christmas break might have the best idea of all to avoid disappointment. He hasn't made any resolutions.

Are going to try the weekly plan or stick with a New Year's resolution for 2019?

Happy New Year to you no matter what you decide!

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