Are You Supposed To Eat Hamburgers Upside Down?

December 5, 2018

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The lastest debate gone viral is whether we should be eating our hamburgers upside down. Greg claims he's always eaten his this way. I've worked with him almost 4 years and I've never noticed that! This got us talking about our "Hamburger Habits" on the show.

It does makes sense cuz the top bug is bigger and can absorb the juices better.

Food Insider got the trend rolling with this tweet:

Our friend Megan Knight from WMAR-2 News weighed in on the great debate this morning by text while on her way to a story shoot in Harford County, "Greg is not alone...I also eat my burgers upside down." Good to know! Megan also has a food blog, so she knows her stuff.

I eat my burgers right side up, but made the analogy that hamburger buns eaten upside down would be llike lips which are fuller on the bottom than the top. That is unless you get lip injections...

How do you eat your burgers?

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