Who Won Greg & Gina's Playoff Bet?

January 14, 2019

ID 76313250 © Kittipong Jirasukhanont | Dreamstime.com


On Friday, Greg & I placed our playoff bets for this weekend's divisional football games. I tweeted this pic of our picks and many commented on Facebook that I need to brush up on my cursive writing!

Whoever got more games right won the prize- a medium hot coffee from Dunkin. Greg got both of Saturday's games right, and I only guessed the Patriots right, so Greg wins 2-1.

To try to avoid buying the coffee this morning after the storm, we are now are doing a rematch for the big game on February 2nd cuz we both think the Patriots and Saints will win this weekend. The Rams play the Saints Sunday afternoon at 3:05 on Fox and the Patriots take on the Chiefs at 6:40 on CBS.

Greg thinks there will be flowers blooming before he sees this coffee brewing! Stay tuned. I just might surprise him!

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