What's Maryland's Favorite Super Bowl Snack?

January 30, 2019

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Greg & I were talking about the most popular Super Bowl snacks today. The list of the most popular Super Bowl snacks in each state might surprise you. See if you agree or disagree..

The most popular in Maryland is pizza. It's also the most popular in Michigan. Greg & I both disagree. Pizza dip, maybe. He thinks it should be buffalo chicken dip. It's not, although it is delicious and relatively easy to make with some canned chicken, cream cheese and hot sauce. That is the most popular in Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Wow! America loves that stuff! 

I guessed the most popular snack in Maryland is chicken wings, but those are the most popular in Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

I don't see big Italian sub sandwiches or chips and salsa on the list anywhere. Oh wait, Alaskans like nachos.

Today.com has the complete list.  

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