Would You Pay $10K For Shoes That Look Like Skin?

November 1, 2018

ID 113665583 © Anyaberkut | Dreamstime.com


A fashion company in Montreal just created "Skin Heels." They're high heels that look just like feet, so it's hard to tell you're wearing shoes. If that weren't weird enough, it kind of makes it look like you have another heel growing out of the side of your foot. it's like an alien creature from a sci fi movie on your feet.

Digital company Designboom instagrammed a picture of them and it already has over 5,500 likes!

just in time for #halloween, montreal-based studio @matieresfecales launches its skin heels, challenging the norms and encouraging critical thinking. read more on #designboom!

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So far they've only made a protype of Skin Heels, but they're planning on producing more and selling them for $10,000!?

Would you pay that much for heels? Even with a DSW reward coupon, that's still a ton of money!

Greg thinks they're gross and would rather buy a car than alien heels. I love shoes, but not these!

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