Some 9/11 Social Media Posts That Help Us #NeverForget

September 11, 2019

Here are some of the moving images and messages Greg and I found on social media this morning that helped us all #NeverForget on Patriot Day today.

Yesterday, Katie Couric posted this moving message on Instagram that remembers the families impacted by 9/11.

Thanks to my friend Dana for posting this. A painful and important reminder. Remember and pray for these families tonight, tomorrow and as often as you can. #neverforget

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The U.S. Army tweeted this unifying message to #NeverForget on Patriot Day.

And locally, on Instagram, T.J. Smith thanked all the heroes that day, even those who didn't wear a uniform. People like George Brown of Gianni's Pizza, located across the street from Fort Meade, who fed members of the Anne Arundel County Police and others who were on guard at the gates of the base.

18 years ago we were reminded that some hate our freedoms. Today we remember those who sacrificed. For at least a few hours or even days after the morning of 9/11, we all were Americans and it felt like there was less hate. I also like to remember those who helped us. I was wearing the uniform and posted up outside of Fort Meade. We were on 12 hour days and it was a beautiful and warm day. One of the unsung heroes of 9/11/01 for many of us is George Brown. He runs the pizza place, Gianni’s, which is right across the street from Fort Meade. During our indefinite assignment at the gates of the base, George brought over pizza and drinks for us. Understand that this was a chaotic moment. Rumors of a plane heading to NSA were still swirling, but George unselfishly, came to our aid with nourishment because we had none. Thank you to all of the heroes, including those who didn’t wear the uniform, thank you George Brown of Gianni’s Pizza. Like 9/11, I will #NeverForget. #September11 #911

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