Greg & Gina Thank Buck & Angela

October 6, 2018

Photo by Gina Crash


I love this picture of Buck & Angela Showalter taken at the KidsPeace Maryland "Trick Or Trot 5K" kick off party this May. Buck is smiling and Angela had just told the story of how her Father would say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," which explained her beautiful bright yellow dress. Throughout their tenure in Baltimore, Buck and Angela were active, local supporters of KidsPeace, the national organization that supports foster youth- a cause close to Angela & Buck's heart. Greg & I got to know the Showalters by participating in the annual 5K and through various trips to our studios for interviews over the years.

Buck would almost rather talk about anything other than baseball most of the time. We bonded one day over both being night owls. He asked me how I got up so early in the morning and admitted even after late games long after Angela had gone to bed, he likes to unwind for a few hours before turning in. He smiled when I told him he is my Dad's favorite manager in the MLB. "He's a good man that Buck," my Dad always says while faithfully watching games no matter what kind of season they might be having. Angela is lovely inside and out and the two of the them make a great team. One thing I remember most is after the KidsPeace 5K race last year when a little girl came up to Angela and thanked her for supporting foster kids. That's what it's all about. 

Angela and I also became Instagram followers of each other. She sweetly comments on photos of my niece and shares adorable ones of their grandson. She's often joked to Greg & I she'd like to do what we do, talk on the radio! She should! She's a natural!

When the news broke Wednesday that Buck would not be returning next season, Ray Schulte, their longtime friend and spokesperson, tweeted their nice message to Baltimore:

I'm not sure what the next step is for Buck and Angela, but I know they will be missed by me, Greg, my Dad, and so many loyal fans in Baltimore who loved the guy who "liked our guys."

Thank you from all of us!

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