Allen Scott Tells Greg & Gina Double Dare Live! Loves Fran Lane!

November 5, 2018

Photo By Collin Dunn


Allen Scott called in this morning to tell us about his family's experience onstage Saturday night at UMBC Event Center for Double Dare Live! Allen got tickets for his son Andrew's birthday.

Allen instagrammed this pic:

We made it to the stage! Thanks @realmarcsummers for hosting this amazing party @officialdoubledare #Live! #goodtimes #blueteam @todays1019 #radio #radiolife

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When host Marc Summers asked Allen where he worked and he said Today's 101.9, audience members shouted, "We love Fran!" as in our own Fran Lane from Love Songs with Fran Lane weeknights on Today's 101.9! So cool! Everybody loves Fran!

Here's a clip of Allen calling into the show this morning:

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