Santa pushes the Today's 101.9 "big red button" on this day...

November 18, 2019

Photo by: Greg Carpenter


Everyone has been e-mailing, texting, calling the request lines, and shouting from the mountaintops..."When is the Christmas music starting on Today's 101.9?"

This is a great question and things are a little different this year.

Usually, we start the festive tunes the day before Thanksgiving.  But, this year, Thanksgiving is late. 

Here's the dilemma.

Do we play the Christmas music and feel like we are skipping Thanksgiving?

Should Christmas music lovers be penalized by a late Thanksgiving? brain hurts. 

But we CAN do both. We can have Christmas music and still enjoy family and turkey on the 28th.

So, Santa has cleared his schedule and will push the big red button and change our music to Christmas music on Friday, 11/22, at 3pm.

We can't wait.

Happy Holidays...including Thanksgiving...from all of us at Today's 101.9, Baltimore's Christmas music station.